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En égyptien, l'Agora est le fouet qui servait à motiver les ouvriers bâtisseurs des pyramides.

Aujourd'hui, par extension, on parle d'Agora pour désigner tout ce qui se fait en place publique, entre éviers et latrines. Ainsi le web 2.0 serait une sorte d'immense Agora virtuelle, avec des clous.

Exemple d'Agora

On trouve beaucoup d'Agora sur les sites de téléchargement directs de flims, malheureusement toutes en anglais.

Nous reproduisons néanmoins un exemple-type d'agora au sujet d'une copie de Terminator Salvation filmée au caméscope dans une salle de cinéma (pratique désignée ci-après par le mot CAM).

Apprenez rapidement l'angliche grâce à notre méthode infaillible puis serrez les dents :

Terminator Salvation (2009) CAM XViD

By: SCO77Y B Length: 106:33 File size: 609 MB Submitted: May 25, 2009 9:57 am Ratings: 8 Favourites: 4 Comments: 20 Resolution: 640 x 388 Category: Films and Movies Language: English Viewed 10211 times

After Skynet has destroyed much of humanity in a nuclear holocaust, a group of survivors led by John Connor struggles to keep the machines from finishing the job. ...

sky779 wrote at 9:38 am, May 26, 2009

watched about 30s its a cam ><;

Kay0 wrote at 11:16 am, May 26, 2009

it does say that in the tile, cam XViD. TIMMY

MAD_MAX wrote at 2:29 pm, May 26, 2009

this guy who recorded this must be FUCKING STUPID OR WHAT? HOW FUCKING HARD IS TO CORRECT ANGLE OF CAMERA??? JESUSSSSS... I cant watch this and spoil everything... I saw much better CAM XVID.. this is shit

Blake_Flynn wrote at 5:07 pm, May 26, 2009

why dont you do it your self then this guy is trying to be nice

Tony18 wrote at 8:55 pm, May 26, 2009

fuck off giving sco77y B shit u twats, hes only thinkin of you give the guy a break hes took his time to upload it for you even if it isnt the best of quality fuckin hell so many whiners on here, good on ya Scoo77yB thanks a fuckin bunch !

Kay0 wrote at 10:49 pm, May 26, 2009

MAD_MAX go to the cinema then you little child. people like you make me sick. get a grip and sort your shit stain off a life out

phrog11 wrote at 2:15 am, May 27, 2009

I agree all cam xvids should be pulled they are all crap not just this one...all of them it's about quality if you can't get dvd quality then don't bother

cabal242 wrote at 4:38 am, May 27, 2009

seriously! ya kinda DON'T have ta bitch! if the copy is too shitty for you to take, then don't watch it! don't sit here and bitch about it when these people don't HAVE to really post anything!.. i agree: whiners are a fat steaming pile of lame!

Antoine Hummel wrote at 6:57 am, May 27, 2009

Thanks for the movie

westbrom21 wrote at 8:47 am, May 27, 2009

even tho its a cam the bloke is doin is best to get you guys these films and give it a month or so ther will be a dvd rip some where along the line

Kay0 wrote at 12:53 pm, May 27, 2009

phrog11 is just one more tard, if u don't want to watch a cam copy go to the pics you fucking bum. yet your still on here leaving comments and watching it. one more dumb bastards on the net

NiteOwl77 wrote at 7:15 pm, May 27, 2009

If your not paying for it you have no rite to bitch... period plain and simple, you either watch the movie or go fuck yourself and spend the 12.50 to see it in the theater. These guys who post these movies does so at the own personal risk, If you dont like it go make your own copy and see if you can do any better!!! ASSHOLES

NiteOwl77 wrote at 10:18 pm, May 27, 2009

Thanks Sco77y b, dont let the assholes who cant appreciate the wrk youve done to upload this movie get you down. keep up the good wrk

frankey60098 wrote at 11:39 pm, May 27, 2009

thanks for this man, fuck the assholes u even took the time too sort the sound out.

phrog11 wrote at 2:58 am, May 28, 2009

Exactly you guys are making my point for me ALL OF THE XVID CAMS SUCK ALL OF THEM, the way I look at this form of piracy is imagine you're marrying the love of your life and spent every dollar to make the wedding night as special as possible and just after you say I do, the priest orders the doors slammed closed, drags you over to a corner of the room lets everyone in the room shag her 7000+ times before you even walk out of the building and all your left with is a fucking mess

phrog11 wrote at 3:06 am, May 28, 2009

And as for all you double O negatives out there that think slinking into a theater and setting up your handycam and thinking you're sticking it to the man and providing a useful service to mankind...Please fucking stop there is enough shitty Youtube video out there and all your doing is contributing to the delinquency of idiots 7153 by my last count. Spend the money or wait for better quality. Its like jerking off or spending time in a strip club...have a little pride in yourself

Kay0 wrote at 11:07 am, May 28, 2009

wow phrog11 your a really stupid bastard, your 2x comments make no sence and its comes across like your trying to sound clever but cant pull it off. your analogy is that of a child.

Yet youur still on here watching the film and leaving comments. just one more tard whos the perfect example of whay not to take smack during pregnacy.

one more mental midget who fails on the internet. sucks to have your shit stain of a life

Kay0 wrote at 11:20 am, May 28, 2009

phrog11 seems this is your 4th comment on this film, if its so bad why keep coming back. I'm guessing your just a really sad fucker. I mean everyone look at his last comment. what a dick. Even has to agree with himself to form some kind of argument. wait for a better copy the tard says. well this is for the people who want to see it before then you dumb bastard. why don't you go film a better copy or don't they have cameras in special needs schools

bigmo72 wrote at 6:58 pm, May 28, 2009


indica gold wrote at 11:32 pm, May 28, 2009

LOL...HOLY SHIT YOU PEOPLE ARE A BUNCH O FUCKING LOSERS!!!! Look how much time you people have spent arguing over a fucking MOVIE! Feel free to post your reply to this one,....I wont be wasting anymore of my arguing over how shitty of a copy this is!!! OUT

flytape wrote at 2:06 am, May 29, 2009

phrog,you should consider short stories!i'm in stitches!your comments hit the nail right on the head!which is what some of these brain dead fucks need!they need to stop stealing from mommy's purse to go to the movies to make the most horrant copy of it!WTF!hell,if she got a view of what her hard earned money was being invested in,she would burn your birth certificate on the spot!